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The 7 Personality Types of Busy and Important People

Posted by Tammy
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You know that person in your office who’s so busy and important that they just don’t have any extra time to add anything else to their list? Yep, that’s the one. But did you know that there are actually seven different personality types? Scary right!? So what’s yours?

1.The whiner

This person will take every chance they get to let you know they’re busy. You’ll hear them whining from a mile away. Hot topics discussed will include just how large their to-do list is and how little time they’ve got to do it.

2. The procrastinator

You’ll see the procrastinator doing anything else but that important thing they really need to do. They’ll probably still let you know that they are extremely busy and important, but they’ll do everything in their power to find other tasks – but that doesn’t include helping you.

3. The stress head

The stress head will be that person who’s slowly rocking back and forth in a corner somewhere. They’re so extremely busy that they just can’t cope with it and they’re far too busy and important to be consoled or told otherwise.

4. The distractor

The distractor is so important that you’ve simply got to stop doing what you’re doing and listen to them.  They’ll start up a conversation at any chance they get, just to distract both parties from the tasks ahead. Unlike the procrastinator, they’ll start affecting your productivity too. If they can distract you from your work, that means they don’t have to do theirs.

5. The short fuse

You’re likely to recognise the short fuse very easily. If you so much as look their way, you might find your head being snapped off as they angrily tell you just how busy they are. Time is precious for the short fuse, and they waste no time letting you know that.

6. The delegator

The delegator is quite self explanatory. They like to delegate. What’s not so great about this personality type? You might find your to-do list growing by the minute as they palm their jobs off to you – because they’re far too busy and important to get it all finished by themselves, right?

7. The avoider

The avoider is a mixture of the above personality types. There are elements of the procrastinator in there as well as the whiner. You’ll find this person not seeming quite as busy as they make themselves out to be, but the minute you ask if they can lend a hand, they’ll start ranting about how many things they’ve got going on and why they’re too important to help you!