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Should I Be Embarassed by My Job Title?

Posted by Tammy
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Out of all the career options available, there are certainly some non traditional job titles. When you’re asked what you do for a living, the response can sometimes bring a lot of questions and a few blank stares as they try to understand what your job is exactly. So should you be embarrassed by your job title?

I’d never even heard of a People Manager before starting with people2people’s Brisbane office, so as soon I saw the job title, those same questions were running through my mind! I’ll often explain to people that my job is similar to a receptionist with some personal assistant elements thrown in the mix as well, but really, after having been in the role for a few months now, the title People Manager just describes my job perfectly! I think it’s something you can only truly understand when you’re in the role. It is clear that each business will often have their own job titles for different positions. 

You may have seen a ‘Beverage Dissemination Officer’, also known as a Bartender, an ‘Anti-social Behaviour Coordinator’ or a ‘Director of Operational Excellence’ [1]. So back to my main point, should you be embarrassed by your job title? My answer is no! I don’t think anyone should really be embarrassed about what their job is called. You have a job, be proud! All roles play a part in any business no matter what they are and it doesn’t really matter what yours is called, it’s just a name after all. Take it on board and own it, and if it’s a really ‘out there’ job title and you can’t help but crack a smile when you’re telling someone about it, then just have a laugh! It a great conversation starter.  


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