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How to Stop a Recruiter from ‘Stalking’ You

Posted by Leah
min read

Did you receive a phone call from a recruiter and now they won’t stop stalking you? Is this recruiter calling you weekly, checking your Linkedin profile and sending you emails just to ‘touch base’? Chances are, this recruiter is me and even better odds is you have given me reason to ‘haunt’ you. You may have thought that by telling me you haven’t had time to read the email I sent you, I would go away. 

Or maybe you thought that if you stopped replying to my emails or answering my phone calls, I would lose interest. I’m here to tell you that I won’t and neither will most other recruiters. 

Unless you take a direct and blunt approach. I am like that person that you went on a date with and who won’t stop calling. I just don’t take a hint. So if you want me to go away you are going to have to tell me in no uncertain terms, that this relationship is over. This doesn’t mean that you need to be rude or aggressive. Just be honest and upfront. Have you found another job? Great! Tell me that and I will stop calling. 

Have you decided that you aren’t actually interested in the role we discussed at our interview? Perfectly fine! Just tell me. But if you speak to me in vague non-committed terms or even worse, ignore me, I will keep calling and texting and emailing.