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How to Avoid Stuffing up an Interview

Posted by Sally
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Interviewing with a recruiter is in some ways more difficult than interviewing with a hiring manager. You rarely know what the job entails, you’re unable to research the company. Usually a recruiter is the gatekeeper, between you and getting anywhere in your job search. It is however, quite easy to enjoy the interview experience, through some thought about what you wear, what you say, and how you say it. Below are some tips of what to avoid when heading in for an interview with a recruitment consultant. Attire

  • Dress to impress: Recently I met a candidate arrive in a Batman t-shirt and denim shorts. Even if the role might be with a creative agency, we need to know you take your job search seriously – and wearing a suit is an indicator of that.

Talking too much or too little

  • As recruiters, we go on and on about the SAO (or STAR) method of answering questions. Your ability to verbally demonstrate your experience without waffling is vital; however it’s equally important to keep the conversation flowing. Having a stop-start question-answer interview is also difficult, as it’s harder to build rapport.

Timeliness & Flakiness

  • Being late, not returning calls, and not attending interviews are the biggest no-nos in the recruitment industry. As recruiters, we’ve heard every excuse which exists and it really sours first impressions. If you no longer want to attend an interview, or you’re no longer interested, please just let us know! We don’t mind and we will call you with more relevant opportunities in the future.

There’s lots of tips on how to ace an interview, but if you avoid the above, you’ll do better than most. Good luck!