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Why Work with people2people? (Spoken from the Heart)

Kirsten Garrett Posted by Kirsten
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Having been with people2people since the business started in 2005, I have watched people2people develop the careers of many, very successful recruitment consultants, who have progressed to manage teams, manage accounts and establish profitable businesses from scratch. Twenty years ago, when you joined a recruitment firm (as with many other sales’ roles), you were given a desk, pen, pad, computer and ‘phone (land line). 

The expectation was, that you identified people to call, picked up the ‘phone to pitch your service, arranged a meeting, too a job brief, advertised the role (in the newspaper!), met a pool of candidates (some recruiters didn’t bother actually meeting their candidates), shortlisted, organised interview with the hiring managers, completed a verbal reference and filled the job. You were driven solely by dollar targets. You did all of this without any support or investment by a dedicated Manager. 

Fast forward twenty years and people2people offer a different experience. As a graduate, you partner with a senior/very experienced consultant with an established portfolio of clients. You are trained in all components of the recruitment process. These training sessions include individual/small group sessions explaining the theory and context behind our activities, role plays, ‘on the desk’ support, online training and group training sessions with external trainers on a fortnightly basis. Training opportunities for the staff at people2people are not just for newcomers to the business and industry. Each phase of your career is supported with a new platform of training opportunities. people2people offer an inclusive business culture. 

Your opinion is welcomed and your viewpoint will always be given due consideration. This business now has five Australian offices and continues to grow and offer genuine career opportunities within the business.