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What Type of Office Christmas Partygoer are You?

Posted by Tammy
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Christmas is getting closer and closer by the minute! Soon our homes and offices will be decorated with tinsel and Christmas trees, and the fridges will be fully stocked with desserts and copious amounts of food. In the lead up to Christmas, it’s very likely that your business may be closing down for a week or two and you might even be lucky enough to enjoy an office Christmas party! So, what type of office Christmas partygoer are you?

1.The Office Tee-totaller

That person who never drinks alcohol. Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely no problem with that at all! It’s always a personal choice and if it’s not for you, then it’s simply not for you. The office tee-totaller has the pleasure in sitting back and watching everyone get a little bit crazy. They can then recall every embarrassing story the following day.

2. The Crying Drunk

There’s always a crying drunk at some stage of the night. You’ll find this person being consoled by their colleagues as they dry their tears in a corner of the room. They’ll probably take another sip of their drink and then lighten up as the night wears on.

3. The one who hates their boss…and lets it slip

It’s a sad, sad night for this person. They secretly hate their boss, and when the Christmas party arrives, they accidentally let it slip on the night! The next day may not look so pretty for this person…

4. The Romantic

Ah, the romantic. That single person who likes to take the Christmas party an opportunity for some romance. You might find them flirting with your colleagues, but hopefully not your boss! The stars are definitely aligning for this person, and they’ll make it happen.

5. The Life of the Party

The life of the party really isn’t hard to spot. You’ll find them weaving through the crowd, mingling with everyone, letting loose and having a good time. However, rest assured that they’ll never stray too far away from the dance floor and those sick beats. This Christmas season, make sure you have some fun – but drink responsibly and stay safe while doing so.