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The Art of Leaving a Voicemail

Posted by Gabby
min read

As a recruiter, it’s a given that being in and out of the office in interviews and field visits, I will receive voicemails. Firstly thank you for the call and taking the time to leave a message! I will ALWAYS get back to you when I am back at my desk (a KPI at people2people) which is made a lot easier if I have the correct details. So here a few tips on leaving a voicemail, to ensure I can get back to you ASAP:

  • State your name:
  • This means first and last name. On a daily basis, I could speak with 10 people called Sam.
  • Why you are calling?
  • If it’s in regard to an advertisement you have seen, please give the details e.g. Customer Service based in Parramatta CBD
  • Returning my call
  • You want a job, which is great news, but please tell me what work you are looking for in a general manner, so I have an idea why you are calling and if I am the best person for you to speak to.
  • Please leave me your PHONE NUMBER
  • Never assume we know your number as this could result in us not even being able to return your call and both of us missing out!

There are important factors to include when leaving us a message. It ensures we know who you are and why you are calling, which ultimately will make the conversation much smoother.