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It's Just a Job...and Your Job Is Not More Important Than Mine

Lisa Johnson Posted by Lisa
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I just read this and almost cheered out aloud. How right Dr Profeta is. A job is a job is a job and your job is not more special or important than someone else’s. And maybe this explains why we have too many graduates with no jobs to apply for and so many people unhappy with their lot; somewhere along the line, we were told that we were special and that we are entitled to a special job. 

Every job is special. Sure, a medical doctor has all that training and the responsibility for making life and death decisions, but without the kid who went to TAFE and learned how to tune a car, the doctor wouldn’t make it into the office. The lawyer may think they are special because they get to offer their advice and represent us, but without the farmers working 16 hour days, they would starve to death. 

The CEO makes big decisions. The receptionist makes sure that customer calls are connected. It doesn’t matter what the CEO does or says if the receptionist isn’t making sure that sales can happen and the company makes money. We need to stop attributing some roles as being ‘better’ and to always be looking for something more. Appreciate the job you do now. Do the very best that you can and be thankful for every chance you get to keep on learning and growing. It doesn’t matter if your job is not the one you imagined you would have. It matters that your job is important. And it is. 

Be proud of working hard and contributing to society. Don’t ever think that someone else is better than you, because without the work that you do they wouldn’t be able to do the work they do. Stop stressing and worrying about how you think others feel about your job; it’s just a job and shouldn’t define you.