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How to Get That Work/Life Balance

Posted by Tammy
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It’s a common discussion in the workplace, how do you get the perfect work/life balance? To some, it might be annoying that this is still a hot topic, but I’d like to argue that it’s important! Just like any other aspect in life, balance is key whether it be our health, finances and of course, our career. We spend the majority of our day at work, so it really is vital to find balance in other areas of our lives. Life is meant to be enjoyed. So how do you exactly find that balance?

1. Leave work at the door

It won’t always work this way and there may be times where you need to catch up on a few last minute urgencies after work. However, for the most part, try your very best to leave work at the door, as soon as you arrive home. Work is best left at work.

2. Learn to say no

Are you one of those people with a million things on the go at once? Sometimes it’s worth learning to say no. You don’t need to say yes to everything, it’s time to prioritise you. As they say, if it’s not a ‘HELL YES!’ it’s a no!

3. Take time out for you

It’s important to take out time for just you, as regularly as you can. This is especially difficult to achieve for those with family responsibilities at home. But if you can, this can be absolutely anything, as long as you genuinely enjoy it. Head off for a walk, read a book or sit down with a good cup of coffee in the sun. Take the time to invest in yourself.

4. Get the work done

While you’re at work, make the effort to get the work done! Be efficient and productive in your day so you don’t get left behind and have that run into your personal life.

5. Get organised

Organisation is key. Spend 10 minutes of your morning planning out the day and how you’re going to break it up into sections. Prioritise what needs to be done first and take it from there! A work/life balance doesn’t have to be a distant thought. Once you get your time management and organisational skills are under control, you might surprise yourself that you can actually make it happen!