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The First Encounter – a Job Seekers Love Story.

Posted by Elisa
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Ok, so now we continue from my previous blog. You have matched with a handsome/beautiful _____ with ______ eyes and ________ hair (I am not one to impose certain preferences, but you get my gist).  Now the seduction and courting part of the process comes into play. Your first phone conversation, much like your first screening call, is a nerve wrecking event. 

If you were one of the previously mentioned Tinder aficionados, your job has now become exponentially harder. Who is this person? Why did I swipe right? Did I actually swipe right? I better say something impressive! Too many times as a recruiter I hear “I applied to so many jobs, which one is this again?” Instantly, I feel like I’m not that special person anymore. 

My job is just one of hundreds which you have matched and my ego is far too fragile to handle that news! In all honesty though, hearing those words instantly dulls your aura as a potential future candidate. Worse still, are those who have not read the job description. It is like swiping right for someone who identifies as a vegan and your favorite pastime is listed as “devouring as many steaks and ribs as humanly possible”, not a good start! Now for all intents and purposes, let’s say you manage to somehow make it through the haze of the first conversation and you agree to meet with the recruiter. 

Perfect, now you have bought some time to find the job you “matched” with. Oh that’s right! That job is in the ball park of what you were looking for! It’s time for the first date…