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It's Time to Get a Divorce!

Posted by Elisa
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The marriage is complete. You have had the ceremony (drinks with family and friends) and you have signed the dotted line of the contract. Congratulations! The newlywed phase is great. The people in the small office are lovely, you are learning about the role and how to use the system and you have a supportive manager who checks in on you every 10-15 minutes to see how/what you’re doing! As the months wear on though, things change. Realistically, this is something that everyone goes through in any relationship or after being in a job for a period of time. 

The shiny new marriage has dulled slightly and you realise that the things that you said that you could live without or that were not so important to you, begin to play on your mind. What gets people through this stage is a sense of passion or motivation for the company and the people they work for, the job they are doing, the money they are making etc. However, as you recall from the previous blog, you convinced yourself that you could deal with this new vegan lifestyle despite your undying love for a great medium rare Kobe steak! Understandably, the honeymoon period ends quickly and the marriage dissolves sooner than it began. Once the emotional hangover is overcome, it is back to the Tinder world and on to the next match! 

So what advice can I offer as a recruitment consultant who deals with this process every day?

  1. Be true to yourself – corny I know, but your self-awareness and honesty makes our life (and yours) so much easier! I would prefer someone to say to me “Elisa, that would be my worst nightmare of a role” and to provide me with a clear picture of what they are actually looking for, than trying to fit themselves into a role, just because it’s currently available. Know who you are, what you want and what motivates you!
  2. Don’t do what those Tinder aficionados do and swipe right at every opportunity. Being selective is a good thing! Take the time to read the job advertisement (or watch its attached video) and know which roles to which you have applied. This will allow you to avoid those awkward conversations with recruiters, as you try to explain or remember that this is the twentieth application you have made.
  3. If you’re not sure, talk to us. As recruitment consultants, we are there to consult! Often times, financial pressures mean that you cannot be in the job market for too long. If you are unsure about your next step, there are a variety of opportunities that we could explore together.