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How to Make a Good Impression

Posted by Tammy
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You may have seen the news recently about the job seeker who was pretending to be a delivery man, so he could get his ‘resume’ out to a few major companies in the US. This lad took things one step further and improved his game by delivering boxes of ‘Mr Holmes’ Bakehouse Donuts’ with some ground rules, to give him a job! Inside the numerous donut boxes, he included the message, “Most resumes end up in the trash – mine in your belly”. While this idea seemed to work well for the various marketing positions he applied for, it may not necessarily be the solution for you. So, to help you out a little, I’ve rounded up a few ways on how you can make a good impression at your next interview.

1. Be early – but not too early

I once witnessed a person arrive two hours early for an interview. After letting them know that they were booked in at a later time and that the interviewer would not be able to see them any earlier, they then proceeded to wait the entire two hours in the reception area, on their phone. While being early is very important, you also need to respect the interviewer’s time and not expect to be seen at any hour of the day. Appointments are made for a reason, so each party can make the best use of their time. None of us have all the time in the world. Aim to be 10 minutes early.

2. Dress to impress

It’s no secret that the clothing you wear to your interview will make a lasting impression. Make sure you look presentable and professional and dress for the job for which you have applied. Do some research and find out what other workers’ wear at that office or in similar industries. Dress in something comfortable, so you’re not fidgeting during the interview.

3. Do your research

Research the company and the job for which you are applying. Be prepared to answer questions on why you’d like to work for that particular business and be able to show your knowledge on what they do and a bit of their history. This will show that you’re genuinely interested and you are excited at the prospect of landing the role.

4. Be confident, not cocky

Confidence is a sure fast way to make a good impression. However, there’s confidence, and then there’s ‘cockiness’. Eliminate the latter. Nobody likes a ‘know-it-all’ so don’t be one. Be confident in your abilities and skills, but don’t go into your interview thinking that you’re the greatest candidate to walk the earth and you’re at a level above everybody else.

5. Enjoy the small talk

Small talk can be just as important as answering the big questions. Be sociable and approachable and pay attention to what the interviewer is saying. Show that you’re comfortable in their presence whilst maintaining a professional demeanour (remember, they’re your potential colleague/boss, not your newfound friend). So go ahead, make your fabulous first impressions and land that new job!