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How to Get Organised

Posted by Tammy
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Organisation is a key skill in the workplace. It not only helps you throughout your day, but it will help everyone else around you and the business as a whole. Some are naturally organised, others not so much. So if you haven’t been blessed with this wonderful trait, how can you develop it? Here are some top tips on how to get organised!

1. Have a regular clean up

Depending on how messy you are, have a regular desk clean up. My colleague likes to call it her ‘stress clean’. Why? Because a tidy work desk will actually make you feel a little more relaxed and on top of things.

2. Write it down

Grab a notebook (online or hard copy) and use it to collect your thoughts and notes from throughout the day. The biggest lie we tell ourselves is, “I’ll remember that later”.

3. Use a calendar

Whether it be a desk or electronic calendar or diary, find one and use it. Plan out your week ahead, write important dates and deadlines down and schedule in meetings. You can never be too prepared.

4. Schedule it in

If you’re like the majority of the working population, chances are you’ll have a number of things going on at once. Break the day down into sections and schedule in when you’ll work on which task.

5. Stop hoarding

Are you a document hoarder? Declutter your desk by keeping only what you actually need. Do you have the opportunity to go paperless? There are probably a few things that you can scan and keep online instead of keeping a hard copy as well. Your life doesn’t have to revolve around a tight schedule, but spending that little bit of extra time organising your day or week ahead can ultimately save you hours.