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How Bad Is 'Facon Bacon' Anyway?!

Posted by Elisa
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It’s the night before your first meeting with the recruiter and you realise that you have absolutely no idea about the person you are meeting, the job you are pursuing or if you’re even feeling any love connection. It’s all good, you’ve been here before! You have done some of the duties required and the rest you can figure out. Much like a first date, it’s a little awkward at first. Palms are sweaty, knees weak (I am heading down the path of a legendary Eminem song) but you’re here now and face to face with the recruiter telling you about this amazing vegan role. You are so enthralled about the opportunity and eager to progress (really, at this point, any job is better than no job) that you forgo your carnivorous desires and agree that the vegan lifestyle is the way for you. 

Kale, lettuce, ‘facon bacon’ and tofu, that’s all fine! Don’t let on that you don’t want to work in a small to medium enterprise (SME), that you hate micro managers, that taking a $10k pay cut is not a big deal or that your short term plan is to make a career change into the Dramatic Arts. It’s important to secure the job! Let’s keep in mind that a good recruiter will be able to figure out your meat loving ways, but let’s say, – for the purpose of this tale, that your ‘loving’ skills have worked their magic! You are now in the thick of the relationship: first interviews, second interviews, background checks, references. You’re going out to dates, meeting parents and celebrating Christmas together. 

The new vegan job isn’t your dream girl or guy but you can learn to love it. How bad is facon bacon anyway?! (I think, very bad for those curious enough). Through the whirlwind of the love saga, you now find yourself at offer stage, the big proposal! Will you accept this role?