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Busy is Not Synonymous with Success

Posted by Tammy
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We’ve probably all said it at some point in our lives. The mediocre reply that you’re somewhat expected to have in response to the question, “How have you been?” – “Great thanks, really busy!” Well my friends, I’m about to introduce to you the newest revelation – busy is not synonymous with success. Ambition is great, and if moving up in your career is something you’re aspiring to – that’s fantastic! But it doesn’t mean you need to be so busy, that you end up being burnt out. At the ripe old age of 21 I’ve learnt a few tips along the way from a lot of great people whom I look up to; I may have less life experience but please hear me out! As a go-go-go person, it can take a lot of time and effort to learn how to slow down! So, instead of jam packing our schedules as tightly as possible, here are some words of wisdom from a millennial (there’s that word again!)

1. Take time out

Prioritise ‘you’. Be ‘selfish’ as they like to say. Don’t ever feel guilty for taking 15 minutes out of your day for some time to be alone. Use those 15 minutes wisely and however you’d like to, but make sure you’re giving your brain some time out!

2. Find a hobby

Studies (and lots of smart people) have shown that having a hobby encourages creativity and improves our mood. Find yourself a hobby that you actually enjoy. Schedule it in your diary, to do this at the very least once a week.

3. Quality not quantity

You know what they say, quality over quantity. Don’t be afraid to set the multitasking aside and focus on one particular task at hand. Finish the job and get it right the first time. Allow yourself to be fully present with something and you might just surprise yourself…”hello productivity”!

4. Set realistic goals

Life can become fast paced and sometimes there are several things that require our attention all at once. If this is the case, make sure you set yourself realistic goals that you are actually able to achieve. Don’t set yourself up for feelings of failure by aiming to meet 50 deadlines in the span of an eight hour workday, just be ‘real’, people. So my friends, forget being ‘busy’ and let’s amp up the focus and productivity instead. Learn to balance things out a little and stop beating yourself up.