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Why Use a Recruitment Agency?

Posted by Gabby
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You have just entered the Australian jobs’ market and need work, with so many jobs advertised, where do you start? So why would you use the services of a recruitment agency?

  • We have job market contacts

  • We can give you an idea of the job market, which is hard to know when you first arrive in a new country.

  • We have expertise in the industry, because this what we do all day, every day.

  • If you have any questions which you might not be comfortable asking an employer directly, you can ask us.

  • If you have a company you would love to work for, we might just be able to set it up

  • We can give you more in depth background information about a potential employer, of which you may know very little.

  • We know what type of role and/or environment would work best for you

  • We even provide tips before the interview to give you the best chance

  • We can provide some information about your work eligibility (based on your visa) and your tax and superannuation obligations.

When I first came to Sydney from the UK, I struggled to find work. I was applying for everything I saw on SEEK. I then discovered people2people, registered with them and they helped me realise what type of work I would like the most (and also wouldn’t like) and they then found me the perfect temporary role for my working holiday visa. Nothing is ever guaranteed, which we will always advise you. However, registering with a reputable recruitment agency, such as people2people, is an excellent way to start your job search. You want to increase your chances of getting that perfect job, whilst you are enjoying your working holiday.