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When you’re team Nikki and the client goes with Alex…

Posted by Tammy
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We all saw The Bachelor, well a lot of us did anyway! Richie made the biggest decision of his life and Australia watched eagerly alongside him. We were convinced his heart was with Nikki, but Alex took the rose home. As I was watching Richie break poor Nikki’s heart on our television screens (#teamNikki), when we were all so sure that he’d walk away with her (as the TV producers had allowed us to believe he would), I thought to myself…this is kind of like recruitment. So in this case, Richie is the hiring manager, Nikki is our candidate and Alex has been submitted by another recruiter. 

We’ve shortlisted the best people for the job and have submitted our finalist (a.k.a Nikki), to the hiring manager. We’re entirely convinced, in fact, the whole office is so sure, that the hiring manager is going to select Nikki. She’s got the skills and qualifications, lives conveniently close to the office (no commuting or relocation required), is independent and has life experience. Now it’s not as though we’re criticising the other candidate, because they’re good enough to make it to the shortlist as well. 

We simply have our preference and it’s our candidate, Nikki! So Nikki and Alex have met the family (I mean their potential new manager and team), Mum and the sister have drilled them with the tough questions (I mean the Manager and Assistant Manager) and now its crunch time. We’re waiting for the call from the hiring manager to tell us who they have chosen. They’ve made up their mind and so have we, it’s got to be Nikki, she’s perfect! We have received consistently positive feedback after her initial meeting with the Boss and the team, the interviews and she has survived Mum’s wrath going ‘from chill to grill’. We’re hopeful for a positive outcome for our candidate. But all of a sudden the hiring manager ‘does a Richie’ and chooses Alex instead! 

Our hearts break along with Nikki’s, as we have to tell her the news that she was unsuccessful. We’re stunned in disbelief, as we watch her drive away in the limo, when everyone thought she was the one, all along. Over my short time in recruitment I’ve seen this happen quite a few times, obviously not the romance and subsequent heart break, just the drastic and unforeseen change in events. 

When it comes down to it, it’s always the hiring manager’s decision and it’s really not as dramatic as I’ve made it out to be, but it can still be devastating for the unsuccessful candidate. Moral of the story? Expect the unexpected. There’s more Richies out there than you realise!