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Tips on Entering the Temporary or Contract World- How Does It All Work?


by Gabby Norton

almost 3 years ago


When you are working as a temporary and contract specialist for people2people, I understand that it can seem overwhelming if you are completely new to the market or if you have never undertaken temporary or contract work. So here are a few tips to get you started on what to expect and how it works. The temporary and contract roles can move very quickly when a vacancy is called in. You may be required to start working the next day or even the same day. 

So you need to be ready! You will get a call or SMS from your recruitment consultant, explaining the role, there will be details on the company where you will be working, its location, your hourly pay, the duties involved and the length of the assignment and when it is due to commence. 

Of course, you don’t have to say yes or commit to any opportunity, but if you do agree to work, this means you are committing to the entire length of the assignment. If you have any doubts, whether they are big or small, please discuss them with your recruitment consultant and they can guide you. No question is too small to ask and it’s important you feel comfortable with all the facts at your disposal. 

Once again, ALWAYS ask! Once you have accepted the assignment, the next step may involve an interview with the hiring manager. This can be conducted either by ‘phone or face to face (in person or via Skype) or both OR you could skip all of this and it means you start the next day! This can depend on many factors, the on hiring company and the urgency and length of the assignment. To ensure you don’t miss out on any opportunities, please keep your phone on and accessible at all times (with a voicemail message). 

Have your referees’ details ready to go and contact them to let them know we will be calling. So, as a whole, all temporary and contracting assignments can vary, so you do need to have an open mind and be flexible when entering into this type of job market. You may even find yourself in a position of not having completed that type of specific work previously. It’s a great way to gain new system skills, industry experience and work in different industries!


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