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My Work Experience Week with people2people

Posted by John
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I chose people2people recruitment as my work placement, as I hadn’t heard of them before and I was particularly interested in learning what recruitment was about and gaining experience. I liked the fact that people2people help find people job opportunities in different industries and fields. On my first day, I arrived at Wynyard station and used my ‘phone to find where the people2people office was. I soon found out it was a four minute walk from the train station. 

As I entered the office, I was greeted by Lauren and Janet, the office managers.  Janet offered to give me a tour of the office and an induction of what people2people was all about and all the different areas in which they work. I was then introduced to the team, who were friendly and happy to help me with whatever I asked. I was then introduced to my work station and given a summary of what tasks I would be doing during the rest of the week. After Janet took me around the office, she then introduced me to Lauren, who sits at the front desk and they call the ‘peoplemanager’. She taught me how to put a resume into the ‘p2p’ standard format, how to input data into the database, photocopying, writing emails, greeting candidates,  and scanning their ID’s and visas. 

This is to check they are able to work I Australia. After being in the office for a while, I slowly became more comfortable and I was keen to move away from my desk, where I was updating information into the database. A few colleagues took me into the interviews to observe them, so it would help me understand what goes on during the recruitment process and to get a general understanding of what people2people does. 

The interviews were by far my most favourite part, as it taught me to pre plan questions and do your research for the company prior to coming to the interview. I learnt what to do and what not to do during interviews that will benefit me in the future with job interviews with companies and recruitment agencies. A big thank you to the workers at people2people for helping me and making it an enjoyable week.