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How to Get Sponsored to Work in Australia

Posted by Fabio
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5th March 2014 - Time to leave Italy and start a new chapter in my life. Destination Australia! Strong emotions and a bit of melancholy, it was hard to leave my old job, my music band, my family, my car and the same old people I used to hang out with. All I remember was "Be careful, watch out for the spiders and snakes!" :)

My huge and heavy luggage was standing at the entrance of my house. Enough clothes, maybe, to last one year far from home. That's how long I was supposed to stay in Australia, according to my Working Holiday visa. Flight scheduled for lunch time, I clearly remember a group of Singapore Airline’s flight attendants walking through the departure lounge at the airport. I smile! I got on the airplane, fell asleep straight away, as I found myself 30,000 feet up! A 24 hour flight… best to find something to do, what about movies and wine to relax? 

Then I finally arrived in Sydney… such a great relief after all the stress I felt from watching ‘Border Protection’ on Italian television. A few days of relaxation, then I was ready to rock ‘n’ roll looking for a job. 

My intention had always been to find a job in what I was good at: digital marketing. I really didn't want to be distracted from my career goal... even if I was tempted to go to the beach every day!

Here are 10 tips I would recommend, if you want to start your career in Australia and in order for you to have a chance of obtaining your business sponsorship visa (457):

  1. - have few years of experience. It will give you a huge competitive advantage in your job search

  2. - have your IELTS English exam completed (if English is not your first language) before coming to Australia, I recommend 6 points at least

  3. - prepare a complete resume in English

  4. - have a personalised cover letter ready for any kind of task you are able to accomplish, according to what the job expectations and duties are.

  5. - include the most impressive results you achieved at work and 3 references (or the names of three referees)

  6. - read English manuals about your specialisation and keep yourself updated

  7. - subscribe to job board websites, contact recruitment agencies and schedule face to face meetings

  8. - show your passion and interest for what you do

  9. - once you find a job, show how much you like it and show some of your innovation and personality

  10. - After 3 or 4 months, it could be time to explore the possibility of a sponsorship visa? Show your employer your enthusiasm to work for them and to settle in Australia.

This is what I've done… and it worked! Good luck with everything!