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The Characteristics of a Great Salesperson

Posted by Jonjo
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The makings of the successful, modern salesperson are somewhat different to the traditional notions of a salesperson. If you are successful, the sky's the limit!This is largely due to the volume of information that is available to the customer, and the ease at which they can access it. Today’s customer has all the same information that the salesperson has, and they’re not afraid to use it. Customers are used to the review accessibility that social media tools and comparison websites have provided them, and subsequently expect the same transparency from their salespeople. The ‘showman’ type salesperson intent on ‘battering’ the prospect with charm and persistence isn’t able to have the same success in today’s market, because customers are well aware of what they expect, and they’re prepared to go elsewhere to get it. 

Rather, the ability to offer expertise in solving a customer’s problem is key, and the best salespeople know how to articulate their worth through their service. I’m fortunate to meet with a number of intelligent, and motivated salespeople every week on behalf of hiring managers/clients. These are some of the key characteristics shared by some of the very best candidates/job seekers whom I search for and meet: 

Narrative They have an incredible ability to draw upon real life anecdotes which resonate with the buyer and demonstrate solutions. 

Curiosity They have a genuine interest in developing knowledge of the market they work in and the products or solutions they sell. 

Intelligence They are fully prepared, with relevant information and have spent time to research and understand the prospect. 

Motivation They’re hungry and motivated to meet their targets, whether this might be monetary value or activity based. 

Self Awareness Whether it’s being transparent about their current salary, or budget performance, they are able to articulate their performance clearly using quality data, and honestly understand their value offering. If you, or somebody you know is a great Business Development Manager, or Account Manager please feel free to contact on +613 9098 7421.