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It’s OZ tax time- be prepared!

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It’s tax time in Australia! While the government has delayed the backpacker tax by six months, the end of the Australian tax year is just around the corner and it’s time for backpackers and working holidaymakers to file their tax returns…and possibly get a refund! The sooner, the better! File your return – get your refund Anyone who works in Australia and earns income is obliged by law to file a tax return after the end of the tax year which is on 30 June 2016. Filing a tax return sounds like a hassle for most people, but the upside is that if you’ve lived in the country for more than 183 days, you could get back some of the tax you overpaid.

Your Australian tax refund depends on a variety of factors:

  • Length of stay

  • Type of job you have

  • Amount of tax you paid throughout the financial year.

In a nutshell, the ATO (Australian Tax Office) has the final say on your refund. Hate dealing with long tax forms? Don’t panic! You can use an authorised tax agent like to claim your tax refund on your behalf. 

The benefits of using a Tax AgentYou file on time 

Are you one of those people who procrastinates when it comes to stuff you find boring? This is where the professionals come in. Once the team at starts your OZ tax return, they guarantee it will be prepared and submitted to the ATO on time. Bye, bye, reminders! 

Maximum refunds 

With an authorised tax agent like you claim the maximum amount of tax you are eligible to receive and won’t miss out on a single dollar. 

You’ll save time 

Why deal with complicated tax returns when you can enjoy the adventure of a lifetime instead? With a tax agent, you’ll have more time for fun. What better reason to choose the professionals?! 

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