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Diversity Is More Than a Deconstructed Coffee and a Man Bun

Lisa Johnson Posted by Lisa
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When we interview candidates, we will inevitably ask “what kind of industry do you want to work in?” Many candidates get starry eyed and reply; “I would love to work in media or entertainment; it’s so glamorous!” Only apparently it’s not.  Apparently, according to a report by PWC on the outlook for media and entertainment, the industry is rife with ‘white middle aged (male) hipsters’.  

Think deconstructed coffee and printed tee shirts worn ‘ironically’.  The types of blokes that make a lot of us quietly shudder and pour more wine into our glasses, because we need help to get through the date. I have kind of mixed up dating and working there – but when you are looking for a new job you ARE dating the company.  

And if you need a stiff drink to get through the date, you know it’s not for you. Perception is a funny thing – it’s easy to be seduced by the glamour of certain industries and the IDEA of working in a creative, ‘fun’ environment.  

But the reality might just not measure up...any industry which lacks diversity, inherently lacks opportunities. Some industries have a terrible public perception, people think of these places of work as being dour and bureaucratic; of being manned by grey cardigan-wearing-combed over middle aged men and women with bad hair dye jobs and theatrical makeup.  But you know what? If you think this, you might just be wrong.  Unlike the media industry, many ‘conservative’ industries have diversity policies and actively look to recruit the best person for the job; not who went to this school and grew up in that suburb and who is networked to whom. And as a result, I imagine their workplaces offer a much more rewarding working environment. Albeit in a very ‘Utopian’ kind of way.