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She didn’t take the job…but it’s not her it’s you

Lisa Johnson Posted by Lisa
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I spend a lot of time banging on about the ridiculous things that jobseekers do to undermine their search for a new position, but every now and then I hear of a hiring manager who says something so BLATANTLY ridiculous, that you have no choice but to apologise to the candidate who has taken time out of their busy day to meet with them. Read on and weep (with laughter)… Let me set the scene dear reader…there is one section of the job market where good candidates make hen’s teeth look as common as muck.  Employers literally fight like real ‘Housewives of Melbourne’ to get these good candidates on board.  

It’s beyond competitive, it’s insane. So here we have a most excellent candidate, let’s call her Bob.  

I like that name because in my head it is Edmund Blackadder saying it (if you are too young for Edmund Blackadder I weep for you).  Bob has the skills, the experience and the attitude to get multiple job offers in a week.  She is, as they say, the whole package. Bob is meeting with a hiring manager.  She is meeting the office manager for a role where she will be supporting one of the most senior managers in the business.  It’s a great business too; high profile, sexy offices, lots of ongoing training and career development opportunities.  

The stars align! Until…. During the interview, the office manager said something like this….. “So what star sign are you?  The senior manager is [star sign] and it’s important that we know if you will be compatible.” WTF.  Like literally.  WTF.  Since WHEN is star sign alignment a legitimate recruitment technique?  What, are we one step away from getting tarot card readings to predict performance? The candidate called us after the interview and suggested that she would be better off considering other, more professional, options.  Can’t blame her really. So let’s not blame candidates for every interview stuff up…sometimes it’s not them, it’s you.