Job Hunting Tips

How to Clean up Your Resume

Mary Savova Posted by Mary
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A clear and neat resume is great way to make a wonderful first impression. 

Today I will give you a few tips on how to clean up your resume


1. Use a basic font. When applying for corporate roles there is no need for crazy fonts and wild colours. Keep it simple and consistent 

2. Keep it in a simple structure. Start off with your details and then put in a sentence or two on your objective, then add in your education and work experience 

3. To make yourself stand out that little bit more, highlight any key achievements you've had throughout your career and education. 

4. Feel free to add a couple of interest or extra curricula activities 

5. Finally you can wrap it up by adding in your reference which should be people you reported to in the past 5 years. 

6. And remember to double triple check any spelling or grammatical errors Good luck and happy job hunting