AFL Tipping Competition Winners

Posted by John
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As we have seen 11 rounds of the AFL competition already, we offer our congratulations to our weekly winners. A special mention must be made to John Zographakis, who won Rounds 6 and 7. As we are moving quickly to the half way point of the AFL competition, make sure you also get amongst the weekly winners! Happy tipping!

Here is a list of the weekly winners 

Round 1 – Peter Gregory
Round 2 - Andrew Brown
Round 3 - Allison Rogers
Round 4 – Anthony Lock
Round 5 - Barry Bruce
Round 6 - John Zographakis
Round 7 - John Zographakis
Round 8 – Judii Eldred
Round 9 - Ingrid Sheather
Round 10 – Cathy Roberts  

Round 3 - Allison Rogers - Pinnacle Bakery & Integrated Ingredients 

Barry Bruce did exceptionally well this week being people2people's top AFL tipper. He is a 'die hard' Sydney Swans supporter who can be regularly seem wearing red and white at the SCG. He always tips Sydney Swans without fail even when the odds are stacked up against them. Well done Barry. Enjoy the movie tickets! 

John Zographakis from Qube logistics is a mad keen Sydney Swans supporter. Go Sydney!! As our weekly winner he has progressed to #5 on the league ladder. To quote John “it is a long season, but hopefully you will be out visiting me again soon with another bottle of red”. Congratulations john!  

Judii Eldred's partner is a big Sydney Swans fan, therefore she receives help from him on entering her footy tips. She will also enter her tips at random along with guidance from him.

Congratulations to Ingrid Sheather, our Round 9 AFL footy tipping winner of two movie tickets. With a young family and the weekly AFL draw keeping her very busy, Ingrid is looking forward to a well deserved ‘night off’. Manda Milling presenting Ingrid's movie tickets. 

Round 10 - Cathy Roberts