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9 Tips on Preparing for an Interview

Posted by Gabby
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Pre-interview tips Before an interview, it’s important that you project the very best version of you. These tips and hints can ensure you are as prepared as you should be for your interview. 

Do your homework 

Look at the company website, names of the people you are meeting, jump on LinkedIn or profiles on the company website. This will give you some more idea of what to expect and the types of people you will be meeting. 

Confirm details 

Its sounds obvious, but make sure you know the address and the time you need to be there. Also ensure you allow enough time to get to the interview, although don’t arrive more than 10 minutes before hand. This will put pressure on your interviewer, go for a coffee or walk if you arrive too early (but please don’t smoke!). 

Research the role 

Ensure you have thoroughly read the job description and what would be expected of you. You need to be able to demonstrate that the skills you have develop, relate to the job on offer. 

Be prepared for ‘behavioural or competency based questions’ 

All companies will vary in their approach, however the same principal applies in answering behavioural based questions. Set the scenario, the action YOU took and the outcome. The question should be answered in the first person, such as I not WE.  You need to explain some specific examples of your work experience and relate that back to the question. Talking about your own experiences should put you at ease. 

Know your CV 

Be clear on dates you worked with your employers and be ready to talk about any interests you have included. This helps them form a picture of the ‘whole’ person, not just the job filler. 

Know your strengths and weaknesses- 

Be prepared to give examples and ALWAYS have a weakness! Turn the weakness into a positive, how you are improving, for example you are working on your Excel skills by taking online courses. 

Dress Code 

This can vary depending on the company for which you are interviewing, so dress accordingly. However if in doubt, always opt for a corporate style with a well groomed and tailored appearance. 

Questions to ask 

Prepare questions to ask at the end of the interview in regards to the working culture of the company and the team, why did your interviewers join the company originally? Most importantly, BE YOURSELF, this is all about you after all!