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When you still get 2nd place…

Manda Milling Posted by Manda
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Ok, I know I am a bit late to the party, but I have to say, I just loved watching Eurovision 2016. Having been a fan of Julia Zemiro and Sam Pang for many years, they are always great value and their commentary was excellent. I also thought that the Swedes really make their hosts earn their money, with Petra Mede speaking Swedish, French and English and along with Mans Zelmerlow, also being required to be all singing and dancing and in the case of Mans, singing again and again. But how about Dami Im? Wow! 

It was worth getting up at 5.00am on a Sunday to watch that performance, live (thankyou SBS). It got me thinking about how much and what type of preparation was involved in presenting that 3 minute song and after all of that, to then be placed second? A singer had to be selected, the song had to be written and complement the singer’s voice and style of singing. Then you have to work out what she will wear, how it will look under strobing lights, how you are going to stage the performance and above all, get people to choose you over 25 others

No matter how much you prepare for an interview, from researching your potential employer, the position on offer, choosing what to wear and how to present, knowing you have to compete against a few other interviewees, you can still come in second. It can be very deflating and knock your confidence. However, like Dami Im, maybe you performed better than you thought would and whilst not collecting the first prize of the job on this occasion, you are more confident because of the experience. Whilst a few people thought Dami was robbed of the prize and maybe you even think that the job should have been yours, look forward to the next opportunity. 

The fact that you have been asked in for an interview (or you’ve made the grand final) means that a potential employer believes you have something worthwhile to offer the market place and they want to meet you. The person who succeeded you on this occasion, may have also been placed second a few times previously.