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Social it too social?

Mark Smith Posted by Mark
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We all love having fun in our spare time, but how much will it affect your work? Social Media is HUGE. Anyone can find you through the wonders of the World Wide Web, with the biggest culprits being Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Do you pay attention to what your friends tag you in? What do you share? What pictures are visible to others? Here are a few things to think about ……

  • Had too much to drink at the weekend? Don’t post those embarrassing photos online! Think about it, do you want your boss seeing some of the states of inebriation in which you have participated?

  • Have a look at your privacy settings. Who can see your profile? You can create lists and select certain people to see specific things.

  • Keep your LinkedIn as professional/business like as you can. As recruiters we find some of the best talent using LinkedIn alone!

  • Have you thought of having separate social media accounts? A professional profile and social profile? There is no harm in creating two profiles.

  • Remember, whomever you connect with, become friends with or follow, they can see everything you share and post. Do you want your colleagues and boss to have access too?

Just remember social media is accessible to anyone and everyone, so think twice about how to use it. It could affect your professional profile, which no one wants!