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What NOT To Do When Applying for an Entry Level Position

Posted by Sally
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When an opportunity to recruit for an entry level position becomes available, there can be an audible groan in the office. It’s not because the role is particularly difficult, or that the role is in a  candidate-short area of the market, it’s because the candidates we meet are some of the least reliable we meet. Recently we had an entry level reception position. 

Tertiary educational qualifications are not required, just some good common sense and some evidence of a relatively short employment history, to demonstrate a work ethic. 

Hundreds of applicants applied, and several were selected to be interviewed. I say several, not the usual 3 or 4, because many people simply do not show up. Sometimes we are advised beforehand, unfortunately most do not. For this particular role, one candidate reached the final interview stage with this organisation and simply dropped off the face of the earth. No return email, call or text to say they no longer wanted to pursue that opportunity, nothing. This example is more common than you would think and is incredibly frustrating. There is frustration all round, particularly for the hiring manager. 

Of course this isn’t indicative of the majority of people. When we interview an entry level candidate who we consider is very marketable, we ‘jump up and down’ and tell everyone in the office. I’ve placed several candidates such as this and it’s exciting to see them develop and success in the first chapter of their career. Having some respect, not only to the recruiter, but to the hiring manager as well demonstrates maturity, a sense of responsibility and a confidence in what you want and where you want to go in your career. So if it’s not the right job for you, please let us know,  we’re here to help you and provide the best advice we can.