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Is there anyone out there?

Posted by Rachel
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New Year, New me? How about New Year, New Job? As most candidates are aware, the temp market in Sydney is constantly changing and March 2016 is no exception to that! At present, the people2people Chatswood office is experiencing what looks to be a candidate short market. Which is why this may be the best time for you to keep up to date on what’s available in the market! Currently we are finding that all of our clients are looking for candidates who are multi skilled and who can transfer their skills and ‘can do’ attitudes to new roles. So, if you are thinking about a potential new step in your career, why not try the following options? You want to ensure that you are the first person we at people2people will call, when we have a new opportunity. 

Update your Seek profile: offer a unique service which allows recruiters to proactively search for your resume when they have a job vacancy. It’s simple, quick and does most of the work for you! Simply register with the website, fill in your details and generate the pre-filled in application forms and select your privacy settings. This is so that employers can contact you, based on your interests and skill set. 

Familiarise yourself with LinkedIn: Build your LinkedIn network, it’s not hard and usually produces quick results. Start by updating your profile with all your education and qualifications, add a profile picture that is clean and professional. Then begin the networking process; follow companies you’re interested in, add former colleagues/co-workers and those people on LinkedIn, who just interest you! 

Follow our twitter page: Every hour during Monday to Friday, people2people post new vacant jobs which may be of interest to you. Follow our Twitter feed and keep up to date with all our latest vacancies at Now you’ve updated your Seek Profile, fixed up your LinkedIn account and have followed our Twitter feed, I would highly suggest you give us a call, as chances are you may have called just at the right time!