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Achievements: Yes, I did hit my KPIs 100% of the time!

Posted by Sally
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I am currently recruiting for an inbound sales/customer service position. These types of roles are often governed by KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and targets, with some being more difficult than others. When recruiting for these roles, we always ask what those measurable KPI’s and targets are, whether you regularly meet (or exceed) them and how you went about meeting them. Be prepared to remember the specifics, especially if they’re sales targets. 

Also be prepared to demonstrate the times when you worked particularly hard for a sale or a customer, or when a sale fell through. In an interview and this has happened to me, saying you can ‘no longer remember’ isn’t good enough. You will lose out to a competing candidate who does remember, because they can provide examples of past behaviour, which is the best predictor of future behaviour. 

One of the easiest and best ways to demonstrate your achievements, is being specific in your resume and listing them. For your work history within the past five years, list your KPI’s and be prepared to mention them in your interview. Having them on your resume is a good way to remember them and if you change jobs or roles, update your resume straight away so you don’t forget! Achievements are also vital, if you closed a sale worth several thousands of dollars or consistently beat your target of customer retention, then recruiters and hiring managers will want to hear about it. 

By listing it on your resume, you are doing more than most of your competitors. Don’t be afraid to ‘brag’, if your role is driven by targets, demonstrating your ability to meet them is a must. Listing these achievements on your resume makes you stand out, but remember, don’t ‘embellish’ them, because you will be caught out!