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Get Your LinkedIn Profile Sorted: Key Tips

Mark Smith Posted by Mark
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Are you ready to enter the job market? How can you optimise your Linkedin profile? Our Managing Director Mark Smith shares his expertise.

Video transcript: Hello again. In the last couple of videos, we have been talking about asking for a pay rise. If this hasn't gone well, you are probably ready to enter the job market. One of the very first things you need to do is to get your LinkedIn profile sorted. In the past, people2people's own social media and digital marketing specialist has written a blog on this. One of the things that is very important and is often overlooked is the profile photo. 'Wait, I don't do photos!' I hear you say. Well, unfortunately it’s the 21st century, the age of the selfie and YouTube videos, so it's time to put that viewpoint back into the baby boomer cupboard. Photos are expected, and leaving a greyed out silhouette is not going to cut it.  Similarly, that holiday snap where you are in your Speedos or sipping a long island ice tea. Think about the audience you want to see the image – your next employer.  Finally, take the time to check LinkedIn's guidelines for the photo so that it fits. So what about Facebook? That's a big topic, so let me cover that one next time.