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What NOT to Do When Calling about a Job Opportunity

Posted by Greg
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On the job hunt? Calling a recruitment agency? Here are a few major pet peeves to avoid, courtesy of people2people's Chatswood team.

Video transcript: Job hunting can be difficult, especially when you are out and about, with the potential to receive phone calls from an employer or recruitment consultant. However, it is during these initial conversations an employer will make up their mind. Therefore, it is important to do your homework and be prepared! Let's run through a couple of 'what not to do's and why.

"Hello, people2people, Shannon speaking." "Hi Rachel!"

This is your first impression – make this. count. It's important to ensure you listen to who you are speaking with, as people are much more likely to listen to what you say if you start off on the right foot.

"Great, would you be able to tell me a little bit about your current work situation?" "Well, have you read my resume?"

Major pet peeve: employers and recruitment consultants wouldn't call if they hadn't read your resume. Take this as an opportunity to walk the other person through your experience.

"And what attracted you to the position I have advertised?" "Oh, sorry, I can't remember what advert you're talking about. I've applied for so many."

This is quite a common fall down, as most people these days apply in bulk via various job boards for similar roles. My advice: keep track of the positions you have applied for. Remember – first impressions really do count, so be prepared to put your best answers forward each time you answer the phone.