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Locki's Week of Work Experience with people2people

Posted by John
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People2people Team

A year 11 student from Chester Hill High School came to people2people with a load of energy. Yep, that's me. My name is Locki. people2people has taught me a lot of new and invaluable skills during the past week. I really enjoyed my experience and appreciate all the staff who have been teaching me when I have been crying out for help! This is an excellent work placement that I won't be forgetting. 

On the first day of my work placement, I was using my GPS phone to look for 261 George Street. I had totally no clue where it was. I was thinking this wasn't the best of starts, but, luckily, I spotted the people2people name just in time! I introduced myself to Janet, my supervisor for the week. Janet showed me around the office and introduced the tasks she is required to complete on a daily basis. 

The tasks seemed easy, but I soon found out that they were not as easy as I first thought. I helped Janet with the candidate photo IDs and tidying up the interview rooms after each interview. The second day was also exciting. The morning was quiet and the weather nice, but in the afternoon Janet said, 'Locki, I have some 'fun' tasks for you. 

You need to sort out which candidate records are active and which ones are passive.' There a quite a lot of them, I discovered... I wanted to say no, but I always want to see where my limits are, so I said to Janet, 'Challenge accepted!' On my third day, I was able to view an interview in the afternoon, but I needed to finish the candidate records first. I sped up as fast as I could, and I finished all of them before the afternoon.

Janet was surprised that I finished them so quickly, but then she gave me another load of them! On my final day, I started merging data on the database, and I kept having to ask a million questions of the other staff. I felt sorry for them, as they had to help me while also having to do their day jobs! I really want to thank everyone who works with people2people. I especially want to thank Lisa, Janet, Sally, Manda, Mark and Christina.