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How to Ask for a Pay Rise This Year: Key Tips

Mark Smith Posted by Mark
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So you've thought about it and have decided to ask for a pay rise. What's the best way to go about it? How can you ensure you'll be given that rise? Our Managing Director Mark Smith shares his expertise.

Video transcript: Hi there. My name is Mark Smith, and I'm the Managing Director of people2people. 

Last week, I left everyone hanging as to whether you should ask for a pay rise this Christmas. The stats were a little ambiguous: employment trends are good, but average wage increases are not so good. 

Even so, if you have decided to ask for that raise, here are a couple of tips. Be prepared to ask with confidence. And confidence is the key. You may think all your good work is noticed, but people – and your managers – are busy and live in their own world. Consequently, you need a list of reasons why you should have a rise. And this is not simply that your mate down the pub says you deserve more. What are your achievements? How have you added value? And do some research on the net. A good place to start is salarysiite

It's the people2people benchmarking website, and the link for that is down below. So what happens if they say no? Sounds like something we need to talk about in next week's vlog, so we'll see you then.