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Summer Job Interview? Key Tips for Looking Professional While Staying Cool

Posted by Sally
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Wearing a suit to a job interview is the last thing anyone wants to do in the summer heat. Follow these tips to look professional yet fresh during the hot Australian summer.

For more details, see Arielle's post, Chic in the Heat: How to Dress for Summer Job Interviews.

Video transcript: With temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius already, wearing a suit to an interview is the last thing anyone wants to do. But since wearing a suit is a must, you must find the perfect balance of looking professional and fresh for interviews during the hot Australian summer. For women, keep the fabric light, but the colour dark. Stick to knee length dresses and skirts, with a matching blazer. No need to wear stockings or tights, but make sure your heels are closed toed and low (no platforms please)! The usual rule for makeup and hair is neat and tidy. 

When walking to an interview, having your hair off your neck and face will be a godsend! For men, suits are still required. Cotton or light weight wool breathes more easily. Wear a long sleeve shirt and keep your tie on (and your top button done up!). Invest in a good pair of leather shoes as well. If you snag the job, you'll need them anyway! Although arriving on time is important, you're more than welcome to use the amenities to freshen up. Put your jacket once you've arrived at reception and pack a stick of deodorant if you think you'll need it. 

Heading to an interview in the summer heat is tough, but there is nothing more important than putting your best foot forward and dressing corporately for an interview! Below this video there is a link to a relevant blog by Arielle Sodowick, a consultant in our temporary specialist team here at people2people. With that resource and this visual guide, you'll definitely impress future recruiters and potential employers.