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Should You Ask for a Pay Rise This Summer?

Mark Smith Posted by Mark
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Is now the time to ask for a pay rise? I share my insights into the current job market and what it means for your career:

Video transcript: Hi there. My name's Mark Smith. I'm the Managing Director of people2people. It's Christmas time 2015. Should you ask for a pay rise this Christmas? Well, actually, Australian wage growth stayed stuck at the slowest pace it's been in the last 17 years in this last quarter – so it's probably not a good time – and it's been slowing since 2008. Indeed, the GFC was not a good time. It did bounce back, but it's been on a trend line backwards, and it's now at about 1.5% expected growth. But here's the rub: Australian employment growth has been at 2.7% increase in the last quarter. That's great. America was at 2%, and they've been crowing about that over the last few weeks. So the real question is: should you ask for a pay rise this Christmas? Well, that's probably a question for another vlog, so I'll see you next week.