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You Know You're a Recruiter When...

Mark Smith Posted by Mark
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  • You meet someone for the first time and your conversation starts to sound awkwardly like an interview!

  • You start building a case for why your family and friends are perfect for that vacancy you can't find anyone for.

  • You answer calls from friends with your name and 'How can I help you?'

  • You cannot go anywhere without your mobile phone.

  • You mix with other recruiters, all of whom are speaking at the same time.

  • You think an office (in Australia) which is 75% British and Irish is not unusual.

  • You walk down the street and you are sure you have interviewed at least every third person.

  • You can list the HR manager of any company you know.

  • You drive down a highway and see a billboard and start to think about who you know at that company.

  • You meet someone in a bar and the conversation seems too much like a client visit. (You are thinking, 'Is this a temp or permanent assignment?!')

  • 'Touching someone's base' means you are networking.

  • You can get someone off the phone – whether it's a friend, family, client or candidate – in two swift sentences and not offend anyone.

  • You have read this and think it's a bit naff.

  • Success is what you live for!