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Meet people2people: Kirsten Garrett

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In this week's edition of Meet people2people, we talk with Kirsten Garrett, who has been a core member of the people2people team since its start. Kirsten, having enjoyed a working relationship since 1999 with the directors of people2people, joined on people2people's inception in February 2005. With twenty years' recruitment experience, she specialises in the accounting and finance sector. Kirsten's client are from a broad range of commercial and professional services businesses.How did you start working in recruitment?

Twenty years ago, I was a primary school teacher, and when I asked a colleague in the sector what else teachers could do, and she replied, 'Anything!' With that thought in my mind, I applied for a recruitment consultant role and, after two four hour interviews, secured the role. That was almost twenty years ago. The rest is history!

What is your most valuable interview tip?

Do your research, dress appropriately but on the conservative side, be punctual (which includes not arriving more than five minutes before your scheduled time), support all answers with examples from a previous work environment, have a few questions prepared for the end of the interview. Lastly, thank everyone for their time.

What are the main qualities you look for in a resume?

Relevance to the role, grammar, career progression and stability (I am a permanent recruiter after all).

What do you think are the key to success in recruitment?

Commitment, integrity, communication skills and the ability to pick up the phone and consult with people.

Rugby union or rugby league?

Rugby union without a doubt.

Coffee or tea?

Depending on the time of day, definitely a black English breakfast tea to start the day. Coffee from there on throughout the day.

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Meet people2people: Kirsten Garrett

If you are looking for work or would like to hire staff, get in touch with Kirsten by calling 02 8270 9720, emailing kirsten@people2people.com.au, or connecting with her on Twitter.