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How to Deal with Job Search Stress

Posted by John
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'A change is as good as a holiday,' goes the old saying. But holidays are meant to be enjoyable, so if a change of job or the quest for a new one is causing you job search stress, it might be time to consider some strategies that will modify your approach and help rejuvenate your confidence.

Think ahead

Set your goals and make them realistic and achievable. Define the type of job you want, and be clear about parameters like role responsibilities and pay structure, then create a long-term plan qualifying timing in terms of sending out resumes and securing interviews. Make sure your workspace is ergonomic and organised, and embrace efficiency by following a deadline calendar and ticking off detailed to do lists.

Be persistent

Realise that a successful job outcome needs time and commitment, so remain consistent in pursuing opportunities, building contacts and networking with industry leaders. Be flexible, and think creatively about how you can approach your job search โ€“ research effective resume templates, fine tune your interview skills and use any feedback to make improvements. Most importantly, don't give up.

Get perspective

Spend some time investigating your dream career, consulting labour market research and gaining insight into people who work in the industry. Believe in yourself, avoid 'awfulising' (exaggerating the negative) and stay focused in the present. Try varying your approach by asking mentors for advice, attending industry events or joining relevant professional organisations.

Be positive

Don't sweat the small stuff, and try not to take rejection personally. Instead, focus on your strengths and the things that have gone well, and reward yourself for little accomplishments. Action can create momentum that fuels progress, but it can also trigger resistance, so if you're feeling negative about any aspect of your job search, ask for positive affirmations from friends and family, and visualise yourself kicking goals in your new career.

Keep well

Get plenty of sleep, ensure you're eating well and make time for some exercise โ€“ even a quick stroll in the fresh air can do wonders. Treat yourself with a massage or meditative yoga session, and if you feel the pressure building, switch off. Watch a favourite movie, spend time in nature, read an escapist book or listen to some inspiring music.

Ask for support

Surround yourself with positive people you trust โ€“ have a D&M with your best mate, cook dinner with family or join a job support group. And why not give back as well? Research has shown that those who volunteer are more likely to land a job than people who don't. It will renew your confidence, increase your self-esteem and just might give you that foot in the door you need to land you an interview.

Pay it forward

Happy days - you've scored your dream job. Keep momentum by cultivating good karma and being responsive to job seekers who may approach you in the future. You'll create positive energy, and, as another old saying goes, what goes around comes around. Feeling a little stressed about your future career? Our friendly course advisors can help! Call 1300 130 157.