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4 Essential Tips for Dealing with a Recruitment Agency

Posted by John
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If you have been into the Sydney CBD office during 2015, you will have probably met me at the front desk. Unfortunately, I will no longer be working out the front desk, as I am moving onto a new job. However, manning the very busy people2people phone switch and talking to hundreds of people every week, I do have some tips for when you are dealing with an agency.

Know why you're calling

I can't count the number of times I've asked a job seeker what type of work they're looking for, and they've said, 'Just anything.' This is the least useful thing I was told, and as I am there to help direct a call to the correct consultant, this type of answer makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to assist.

Know who you're calling

It doesn't seem fashionable to listen to one's voicemail anymore, but if you're returning someone's call, please take the time to remember their name from the message they've left you. It will save you an awkward conversation with reception.

Know who you're meeting

So you're coming in for an interview? Great news! By now, you've probably had a few phone calls and exchanged several emails with your consultant. You've come to front desk and said, 'I have a meeting with...errm...' Not a great start.

Turn up on time

Obviously, turning up late is never a good look, but there is a difference between being early and on time. Arriving more than 5 minutes early really isn't necessary. Recruitment consultants are always busy with interviews and calls. So please don't arrive half an hour beforehand; go and have a coffee!