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Want the Bachelorette's Rose? Listen to Your Recruiter!

Posted by Greg
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The Bachelorette has been creating a little buzz around the people2people office about the contestants and which of them will win. We have been asking ourselves why oh why they say the things they do. Scarily enough, we've found that the show is a lot like the interview process that job seekers go through. 

I heard one of the contestants say to the Bachelorette that his tuxedo was made out of – wait for it – 'baby seals'. Cringeworthy, I know, but far too often, the feedback I get from hiring managers about some of the things interviewees say makes me think: was that a brain snap or was the candidate far too comfortable in the interview? 

I really do believe that the advice a consultant gives you about the hiring manager and the interview process is vital and does need to be followed. I promise you that when your recruitment consultant is providing you with valuable interview advice, such as what to and what not to say and the types of questions you are likely to be asked, they are doing it because they want you to get the job. 

So listen to your recruiter, and perhaps you'll be the one getting the 'rose' at the end of the interview process!