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How to Enhance Your SEEK Profile for Your Job Search

Posted by Sally
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As a recruiter, one of the biggest tools in my candidate sourcing arsenal is the SEEK database. This is a fantastic resource for my colleagues and I to search the resumes of candidates who are actively seeking work, as well as those who were looking in the past and might be ready for a change now. Much like LinkedIn, the search uses algorithms to draw keywords from a candidate's SEEK profile and resume. Experts advise that having a fully completed LinkedIn profile can increase your chances of being found and therefore contacted by a recruiter. This advice also applies to your SEEK profile, I believe. Below are some tips to maximise your chances of being found for a job:

  • Always allow for your CV to be accessed. Your SEEK profile is not exhaustive, and allowing recruiters to see your full resume is very handy. If you're concerned about privacy, all you need is your mobile, email address and suburb on your resume. Recruiters are able to send emails through SEEK, but, in my experience, few candidates reply. A direct email or phone call is far more successful (and personal).

  • Check your spelling! Recruiters search through job titles, keywords (such as specific systems and skills), salaries and industries. If you've spelt 'administration' or 'marketing' incorrectly (it's happened!), you're less likely to be found.

  • Fill in as much experience and information in your profile as possible. As I said before, we search by keywords – especially specific systems (e.g. SAP or Xero), so always include them. It also helps to include your minimum salary to speed up our search. When we call you, you can be more certain we're approaching you with a role that has a salary you would consider.

Finding a new role involves marketing yourself, and the way in which you present yourself across all platforms is becoming increasingly more important. Having your SEEK profile fully completed with an accessible CV adds to your marketability, but we can only search on the quality of the information you have entered. SEEK is a fantastic resource for candidates and recruiters and, much like LinkedIn, it's vital to your job search (and our candidate search)!