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Congratulations to the Final Winners of the 2015 Footy Tipping Competition!

Posted by John
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Another year, and another NRL season has come to a close. While the Cowboys were celebrating in North Queensland, here are a few more celebrating their success after taking home the top prizes in people2people's 2015 Footy Tipping Competition. Jason Fitzgerald from Lend Lease did exceptionally well and came third overall in our competition. He won two tickets to the grand final, which he was chuffed about. Jason is a keen St George supporter and 'tips with his head and not with his heart'. Well done, Jason!

In second place was Kat Miladinovic, who won a $250 flight voucher. She says her strategy is not to listen to others or be influenced by the media, to try not to be biased about her own team when tipping, to keep things interesting by tipping upsets, and to tip earlier in the week and stick to her initial gut feeling. But above all, she consults her husband and then does the opposite! Thanks for the advice, Kat, and congratulations!

Hjordi Russell has participated in the people2people footy tipping competition a few times, and this year she reached number one!  Unlike previous times where she would tip based on her favourite colours or team symbols, her strategy this year involved doing research, seeing who was in or out, and following the players.  She had some friends in the competition, so she was extra competitive and strategic with her decisions.  Hjordi decided to play with her head, not her heart, since her favourite team is the Newcastle Knights. Congratulations on a first place win and the Samsung tablet prize, Hjordi!

In addition to our overall winners, we also congratulation our top tippers each week. Here we have Paul Versace (the winner of round 9) taking on Paul Macken (a previous weekly winner), being living evidence that lack of knowledge and luck play a major part in collecting a weekly prize rather than knowledge and in depth analysis. Whatever, the wine went down well.

David Barry can't recall how he made it into the people2people tipping competition, but we are glad to have him – or rather his 12-year-old son. A Wests Tigers supporter, it is David's son who successfully tipped the round for him and is therefore enjoyed the movie tickets during the school holidays. Well done, son!

Placed by people2people consultant Kirsten Garrett over ten years ago, Dean has been a regular (albeit not that successful) tipper with people2people since the start of our competition. He freely admits he does not follow the NRL and really knows very little about the games and the form of any team. He supports the Panthers because he lives close by, and his 10-year-old son supports the Bunnies because they are high profile and successful. While being a top tipper in week 13, Dean tipped ZERO correct the following week...how the mighty have fallen!

Jason Fitzgerald received third place overall, but, prior to that, he was also people2people's top footy tipper for weeks 16 and 25. Impressive results, Jason!

The Big Black Bears may no longer be playing in the NRL, but supporting them for many years has taught Robert a very valuable lesson: 'tip with your head, not your heart'! Well done, Robert, on winning one of our weekly prizes and for being well placed in the top 50.  At the very least you are holding a much better position than your good mate Chris.

Despite living on the Northern Beaches, Carolyn is a long-time supporter of the Roosters and definitely enjoyed 2015 much more than 2014. All the best for the rest of the year, Carolyn. Your beloved Roosters are looking good things to make it two Premierships in three years.

Originally from St George territory, Warwick once enjoyed the Dragons' glory days but now opts for 'good guesses' rather than loyalty when picking his tips – well, tipping from the head rather than the heart certainly worked for round 24!

Derek was thrilled and surprised to win a round, although bitterly disappointed that it took him until the last round to find form! He's hoping he can take his winning streak into the 2016 comp!

Thanks to all those who participated in the 2015 people2people Footy Tipping Competition! We'll see you next year!