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Career Changes and Taking That Sideways Step

Posted by Sally
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Over the past week, I have had several people call me looking to change their career, either completely or as a slight shift sideways. Often these people are quite frustrated, lamenting that they don't even reach phone screen stage with recruitment agencies because their resumes aren't replicas of the vacant jobs description. There is a reason for this. When an organisation makes the financial decision to outsource their recruitment, we the recruiters, whom they brief, are given a strict set of criteria which the candidates and their resumes must meet to be considered for the role. Some of the skills requested may be transferable, but if these skills aren't clearly listed on your resume, you do run the risk of not being considered or shortlisted for the role. This is frustrating news, so I have listed some tips to assist you when preparing your resume so that it stands out and you can have your voice heard by hiring managers:

Research what the ideal resume for the desired role looks like.

Highlight the skills that are transferable; for example, if you completed administrative tasks in your hospitality role, put them first! Don't delete your previous employment if you think it's not relevant (because questionable gaps will appear in your resume), but try to expand those skills that are relevant as much as possible.

List every IT system you have ever used.

You never know what potential employers are looking for, and including it in your resume means your resume will be more searchable on databases such as SEEK.

Apply directly.

If an organisation is advertising a vacancy directly, they will be more flexible when considering the 'right fit'.

Consider working in a temporary role to help get your foot in the door.

It is risky to leave a permanent position for temporary roles, but it is becoming increasingly common for companies to hire their employees on a temporary to permanent basis.

We constantly hear of people changing careers, so, despite the difficulties, it can be done. However, putting your best foot forward in your resume and your job search will make the change a lot easier.