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Why You Should Call NOW When Applying for a Job + 6 Tips

Posted by Jonjo
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The internet, digital and social media have had obvious impacts on the way in which people search for jobs. More so than ever before, job searching has become cheaper, more convenient, and more efficient due to the wealth of live information available to the job seeker. In turn, you can access and apply for multiple vacancies simultaneously through the click of a button, but guess what... so can everybody else! A small percentage of job applicants follow up their application with a telephone call. Being one of the few applicants who does speak with the person recruiting the position can give you a competitive edge over all the other applicants. Here are a few tips on how to make sure your call is effective: 

1. Read the job description thoroughly, paying close attention to key duties and responsibilities required to be successful within the role. If you're confident that your abilities meet all of the necessary requirements, make the call! 

2. Be clear and concise in your introduction, e.g. 'My name is Bob, and I'm calling to speak with Jonjo to express my interest in the advertised position of Customer Service Officer.' The person may be recruiting a number of different roles, so display your appreciation of their time and be direct in your approach. 

3. Be enthusiastic! It's fantastic to hear from a candidate who is motivated and excited about a job opportunity I'm recruiting. Enthusiasm is contagious and creates a lasting impression on the people you infect with it. Whether you're successful in your application or not, you can be sure the person you've spoken with will remember you and advocate your enthusiasm to colleagues and contacts, which is great exposure for you. 

4. Explain why you think you are suitable for this position. Presenting your own abilities and experience and how they relate to the advertised role and your understanding of the requirements shows your intelligence and business acumen. You can also present relevant examples of your experience and achievements which may be particularly niche or relevant to the organisation or position. 

5. Be yourself! Remember, the person you are speaking with wants to hear from you and should be pleased to take your call. Building a level of trust and transparency is imperative, because the person you are speaking with will be representing you in your job search. Think of the relationship as a team effort in which you're working together to achieve the same outcome. 

6. Confirm your availability for other positions which may become available. Making contact and establishing a professional relationship with the person doing the hiring means that, in the event you are unsuccessful, the next time a similar opportunity becomes available, you are in the best position to be considered, without even having had to apply for the job! Ultimately, it's important to remember that people still want to connect with people, not profiles. At people2people, we are focused on building strong relationships with talented candidates.  If that's you, we look forward to hearing from you!