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School or Work? Thoughts after a Week of Work Experience

Posted by John
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Hi, I'm Cassandra, a typical year 11 student trying to figure out my life before I really start to live it. Before I started my work placement at people2people, I hated school with a passion and wanted to live an independent life as soon as possible! The teachers, the rules, the instructions, the students and the day to day lectures were all not worth it, in my opinion. I'm currently in school and doing a business services VET course, which consists of completing 70 hours worth of work experience to receive a Cert II in the subject. 

My goal was to leave school and complete a TAFE/college course leading to a job in the CBD before hitting 18. However, I have to say, working for a week in people2people's Sydney CBD office has got me obsessed. Obsessed with the fast pace, business attire, night life and daily vibes the city has to offer. But I'm asking myself: is waking up early, catching transport, and working full time really worth missing out on the last few years of high school, not seeing familiar faces on a daily basis, partying and enjoying my young years? I came to realise that the all-nighters completing assessments and homework, the unrealistic school rules, the constant lectures, and seeing your enemies daily are ALL worth it. 

During my week of work experience with people2people, I was only given very basic work at most times, but being in the office environment, sitting in interviews, and observing the chit chats between the employees truly intrigued me and got me interested in the business. It's motivated me to really stick to my guns and soon work in the city, possibly for a recruitment company. In the mean time, finishing school is worth the drama, as it's tough in the big world and a lot more serious then I thought. Thank you people2people for your time and efforts. I had a great experience I really enjoyed.