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people2people Celebrates 10 Years in Style

Manda Milling Posted by Manda
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People2people Stride Awards 2020

Since opening our doors in February 2005, people2people has grown from one (very small) office of five people to over fifty people working in five offices across three states. To celebrate the people2people journey so far, 75 past and present colleagues, a few suppliers and an assortment of family members marked the occasion in (black tie) style at The Mint in Sydney on 14 August 2015. This beautiful venue was the perfect backdrop for a wonderful evening of dining, dancing and a few speeches to commemorate the invaluable contributions made by all who were present. In particular, the two original people2people 'people' Kirsten Garrett and Maria Mexis, who ten long years later are still with the company. We hope you enjoy looking at a few photos from the evening.