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If You Get a Job, Do the Jolly Job!

Lisa Johnson Posted by Lisa
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So there has been some media recently about people not taking job offers, not turning up for interviews (or not turning up on time) or not having the right/expected attitude.  We tend to over generalise and associate this kind of behaviour with graduates or people in their twenties. 

But it turns out that people who really should know better can be just as bad. Recently, one of our consultants took a phone call from a hiring manager complaining that the temp who had recently commenced work in her team was not achieving deadlines. He was spending a great deal of time on his phone and on the internet. 

Say what? Let me get this straight – someone we placed into a professional level temporary assignment was not doing the work, but instead he was spending all his time on his phone and the internet.  And after being pulled up on it by his consultant AND the client, he didn't stop doing it?? 

Go directly to gaol, do not pass go, do not collect $200. The sad (and disappointing) fact is that this candidate has only recently come to Australia to work, and this was his first job opportunity – and with a major company.  The consultant had no choice but to recommend we cease his employment immediately due to non performance, and the hiring manager (client) agreed. 

Now, I know that we look bad, having recommended someone who decided that work was just a place to go for free internet.  But seriously, has the lucky country become so lucky that actually working for a living is an interruption to accessing free wifi?